The laser-engraved cremation urns produced and distributed by Rotastyle Srl are designed for an Italian and international clientele that are increasingly discerning, and hoping to stand out. Amongst the many artistic solutions available, Rotastyle produces laser-engraved urns with various finishes and decorations created with the laser-incision technique; a wide array of themes is available to be suit all tastes, with a GREAT QUALITY- PRICE RATION with a growing number of models - where imagination meets art: CASKETS, URNS, or DECORATIVE ELEMENTS, sometimes with the same theme, a delicate blend of harmony and class to ensure the service is a solemn, unique moment to honour the memory of our departed love ones. 

Rotastyle Srl is the industry leader in the production of inlaid cremation urns. It has set itself apart on the market thanks to its style which shows great deference to the departed. A mix of engineering and creativity take shape with a laser-engraved cremation urn with original decorations, in keeping with the company’s mission: “The Art of Precious Memory”.


Each product is the fruit of a careful design, and never left to chance, fruit of the sensitive intuition of our DESIGNER Cinzia Rota. A style that tracks with current trends - often imitated, never replicated. Rotastyle Srl production is, at first blush, one of inimitable CLASS, sophisticated study of each and every detail, which aligns with its stamp, exclusively MADE IN ITALY


FILI FIORITI “FLOWERED THREADS” in American oak is a smooth cremation urn distributed by Rotastyle Srl and crafted in hardwood; the variety is top-quality American oak.  A floral design created using a laser-engraving technique covers the entire cremation urn. American oak has l...

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