Leader in the production of brass-accent cremation urns, Rotastyle Srl sets itself apart in the market thanks to its iconic style, which shows great deference to the dearly departed. A mix of engineering and creativity takes shape as a cremation urn with original decorations in brass, with crystal inserts, created by expert Italian artisans. 

The brass-accent cremation urns produced by Rotastyle Srl are quite versatile funeral items designed for an increasingly selective and sophisticated clientele. 

The Creative spark behind the design and manufacture of new brass elements for the BRASS LINE came, in terms of processing from the world of jewellery, and from the world of art in terms of shapes and colours.
Each Rotastyle funeral product is the fruit of careful design, with nothing left to chance, born of the sensitive intuition of our DESIGNER Cinzia Rota. A style that tracks with current trends - often imitated, never replicated. 

Rotastyle is able to create brass-accented cremation urns that are tasteful and top-quality thanks to a careful selection of materials, and its DESIGN. 

To ensure the exclusiveness and one-of-a-kind quality of the models, each individual article in the BRASS & CRYSTAL LINE comes with an authenticity certificate, and a ROTASTYLE, MADE IN ITALY registered trademark. 

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Italian walnut SOFFIO D'ETERNITA' "…

SOFFIO D'ETERNITA' "WISP OF ETERNITY" in Italian walnut is a cremation urn with brass friezes distributed by wholesaler Rotastyle Srl, and crafted in hardwood; the variety is top-quality Italian walnut.   The cremation urn is embellished by original and versatile decorative branches in b...

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LILY OF THE VALLEY brass urn - American oak

The LILY OF THE VALLEY cremation urn features brass friezes. It is produced and distributed by wholesaler Rotastyle Srl, and is crafted from hardwood; the variety is top-quality American oak. The urn is embellished with original friezes made out of brass & crystals. American...

Cremation urns with friezes - Crystal and gemstones, Lily-of-the-valley , American oak, Floral, Light wood, Wax, Mid-range, Urns, Elegance urns, With friezes , Brass friezes