ROTASTYLE SRL has garnered expertise over the years in the production of caskets, cremation urns, and top-quality funeral décor, bringing valuable experience and professionalism into the Italian and international funeral industry.

Rotastyle production is aimed at funeral-home directors who wish to offer their clients high-quality funeral décor, created using top-of-the-line materials, and created using the artistic QUALITY and TECHNIQUE developed beginning in 1830. 

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The Rotas opened the family business in 1830, with a focus on artistic cabinet-making. Over the years, the company's understanding of fine woods and other precious materials bore fruit. Today, the company is a veritable beacon in the production of funeral elements and décor in terms of the RIGHT QUALITY - PRICE RATIO. 

Today, Rotastyle Srl continues to offer that same careful craftsmanship in the production of caskets, cremation urns, and other elements of top-quality funeral artistry, with products that use the most sought-after materials. A one-of-a-kind, tasteful choice for those seeking elegance in all occasions, including that of the final farewell - in a dignified and gracious way - to their loved ones. 

Those striving for an INNOVATIVE, QUALITY product that is truly one-of-a-kind are sure to have all their needs met thanks to a production grounded in Italian artistic heritage, with particular emphasis on Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Impressionism. Rotastyle’s signature is only to be found on products whose class and sophistication represent the love with which each piece is crafted, with a view to offering a product whose prestige might properly reflect and become a voice for the profound respect that should be paid to the dearly departed. 

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Rotastyle designs and creates caskets that are of the highest style and sophistication. These vary in shape, but are all made of SOLID WOOD
This solid wood is carved from the innermost, hardest, and most dense part of a tree. The trunks are sawed, becoming 4-5 cm-high tables up to four metres in length.
The quality of the wood comes from its hardness, solidity, and durability. Each wood variety is differentiated by grain, as well as by its texture and colour. Every Rotastyle piece is unlike any other because nature can never be cloned.
Rotastyle cremation urns and caskets are made out of woods such as MAHOGANY, WALNUT, AFRORMOSIA, OAK, ASH, LARCH, YELLOW PINE, PINE or FIR.

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In the Art of Precious Memory, Rotastyle creates and offers tasteful products for every price point at a high quality level, thanks to a careful selection of materials, and its exclusively MADE IN ITALY DESIGN. N

To ensure the exclusiveness and one-of-a-kind quality, each individual article comes with an authenticity certificate, and a ROTASTYLE, MADE IN ITALY registered trademark. 

The caskets, cremation urns, and sacred décor designed, manufactured, and distributed wholesale by Rotastyle are the perfect answer for any funeral director hoping to offer their clientèle a top-quality option.
Rotastyle’s meticulous work can be seen in each and every piece crafted from guaranteed-authentic materials carefully selected to offer the best in MADE IN ITALY: wood, top-quality roots, silvers, gemstones, metals, and specialty woods for the engraving and leather accents. 

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Innovation never sleeps - Rotastyle’s newest challenge is SUSTAINABILITY'. The wood we use comes from controlled-deforestation plantations. The production line now includes ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY FINISHES. Currently, Rotastyle products may be requested with WAX FINISH, which allows the wood grain and porosity to remain visible, and with a WATER-BASED FINISH for greater environmental responsibility.Over the years, Rotastyle has developed different kinds of finishes and colour schemes to meet the needs of its clientèle. 
Rotastyle also produces and makes available for immediate delivery a vast assortment of NON-STANDARD SIZES:from narrow to short, as well as oversized (length or width). 

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