Leader in the production of top-quality funeral articles, Rotastyle Srl sets itself apart in the market thanks to its iconic style, which shows great deference to the dearly departed. A mix of engineering and creativity take shape in caskets, cremation urns, and funeral décor featuring original designs. The company mission can be summed up as “The Art of Precious Memory”. 

Designed for an Italian and international clientèle - one that is increasingly selective and sophisticated - Rotastyle funeral articles are created using personally selected materials. Our caskets, cremation urns, and other décor items are created using top-quality wood, embellished with hand-crafted inlay in the traditional manner, with decorative touches in mother-of-pearl, stones, and gemstones. An array of artistic solutions, silhouettes with varied finishes and decorations that require great dexterity and technical ability: inlay, engraving, and stone-setting. 

Silhouettes in hardwood covered or engraved with floral, geometric, or religious motifs, inlay, and with a wide array of themes to suit all tastes, with a GREAT QUALITY- PRICE RATIO with a growing number of models - where imagination meets art: CASKETS, URNS, or DECORATIVE ELEMENTS, sometimes with the same theme, a delicate blend of harmony and class to ensure the service is a solemn, unique moment to honour the memory of our departed love ones. 

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