EMBRACE in American oak is an engraved casket distributed by wholesaler Rotastyle Srl manufactured in hardwood (40 and 50 mm thick); the variety is high-quality American oak

Casket created on a Ekeos ® body with floral designs engraved in the wood and depicting moving branches and flower buds. The floral motif encircles the casket in a tender embrace.American oak has long been appreciated for its straw, rosy-orange tones, and its flame-like grain, which take on various figurations and are a mark of its singularity. Its durability and rarity heighten its value. To ensure the one-of-a-kind quality and exclusiveness of the models, each individual article comes with an authenticity certificate, and a ROTASTYLE MADE IN ITALY registered trademark. 

Wax finish. 

“Our goal is to offer a casket that is a precious treasure chest, in that it holds our departed loved one. Each Rotastyle funeral product is the fruit of careful design - with nothing left to chance - from the sensitive and empathic mind of our DESIGNER Cinzia Rota. A style that tracks with current trends - often imitated, never replicated”. 

Patented casket - designed and created in collaboration with Eng. Paolo Rota - p. Gianpaolo Rota and designers Cinzia Rota and Fulvio Marini) 

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  • Measurement type: Standard size
  • Craftsmanship type: Smooth
  • Wood type: American oak
  • Colour: Light wood
  • Code: 15RAABFK

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