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Rotastyle, an excellence in the Italian funeral sector, is preparing with enthusiasm to participate in the renowned international trade fair of the sector, Tanexpo, which will take place in Bologna from 4 to 6 April 2024. Specialized in the creation of 100% Made in Italy funeral articles, the The company stands out for the extraordinary quality of its products, enriched by a creative and poetic charge of refined elegance.

The event represents an important opportunity for Rotastyle to consolidate ties with its most significant customers, both nationally and internationally.
"Tanexpo offers a unique platform to meet old business partners, present new creations and welcome potential customers interested in high Italian funeral craftsmanship"

Rotastyle, in its constant commitment to excellence, is preparing to display an exclusive range of funeral products that reflect craftsmanship and attention to detail. From cinerary urns to funeral coffins, each item is carefully designed to offer not only quality and durability, but creations that carry with them a story, a tribute to love and memory, embodying respect and honor towards life and the memory of the deceased.

The Rotastyle team will be happy to illustrate the artisan techniques used in production, with a careful eye on personalized requests and specific customer needs.

In conclusion, all the Rotastyle staff look forward to welcoming you to Tanexpo 2024, where the art and elegance of its products will merge with the opportunity to connect with a passionate clientele and open new horizons in the funeral sector.
Visit our stand to immerse yourself in the Rotastyle experience and discover the profound meaning behind each piece that we create with dedication and respect. We look forward to seeing you in Bologna!

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