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Our tribute to the Pope 

Our tribute to the Pope. Simple, minimalist style, created from elegant cypress wood, a casket like the one for Pope John Paul II, is and will remain one-of-a-kind. 

One only was created. Its lines and style express humility, yet it is refined enough to honour the unique individual who gave so much to humanity. 

Every manufacturer in the industry attempted to copy the simple, unassuming style of the Pope’s casket. The achievement of producing a coffin that might properly honour such an unassuming person, who gave is life for the people, to defend life’s most important values would indeed have been astounding. 

The master craftsman with Rotastyle production, were so struck by the masterpiece created by the Vatican carpenters, they wanted to produce their own version of the Pope's funeral casket

Simple, straight lights, a casket denoting humility, and emanating serenity. The cover has a sophisticated cut that is difficult to discern and gauge at first glance - only upon closer look can one see the trapezoidal shape that is its guiding image, and everything becomes clear. 

The wood used for producing this casket is top-quality, with a wood grain that looks like life lines, with knots like stops along with way, giving us a chance for reflection, and which lend character and spark memories of the Pope himself, the SPRING OF LIFE for many, and the name Rotastyle decided to dedicate to this casket. 

Upon request, the SPRING OF LIFE TABLEAU created in wood with images of doves drinking from an ancient set of scales, as a symbol of eternal life. 

“Drink, that you might live (St Augustine) 

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