feet wood production rotastyle 1200 645Rotastyle wooden casket supports: “A baseline of quality”.

There is such a wide array of shapes, sizes, and materials for casket supports, including feet. This funeral hardware, in zamak, brass, or biodegradable elements, are offered in rounded silhouettes or with special bas-relief designs. 

The feet are optional - not all funeral directors request these when they purchase a wooden casket. Some funeral homes prefer to use specialty supports, or feet made from other materials, or in other shapes to personalise their product. 

Rotastyle's manufacturing departments only produce wooden feet. These are of the same varieties as those used to build the caskets, because everything must be harmonious, with nothing left to chance. 

This Bergamo company produces feet to match hexagonal caskets called “tapered” as well as the American version commonly known as “rectangular”.
For the tapered version, where the angles are different at the head and foot, the feet are assembled with a different incline in order to simplify their positioning and their final aesthetic...because quality and perfection are found in the details. 

ROTASTYLE productions focusses on each and every detail of a casket. Therefore, the wooden feet become an integral part of the casket: a key accessory, they are studied in their every detail by master cabinet-makers to ensure ease of manoeuvring. They are more than just a support piece - they are an important handle for moving the coffin. 

Rotastyle: “A baseline of quality” 


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