“The heart is breathless with you, the shell filled with your echo”

Created in 40 and 50 mm thick hardwood, the variety used is American oak. Inlay, an expression of grace and elegance, has long been considered the zenith of craftsmanship and technique. The “Spirit of the Lake” model uses aristocratic materials like real Halliotis mother of pearl, and prized woods such as myrtle, chestnut, maple, light and dark green hues, creating interesting colours with a smoky finish. Its exclusivity is lent by a processing that remains primarily hand-crafted, fusing with the inimitable beauty of the grain designed in the wood by time. An inlaid piece will remain one of a kind because the fruits of nature can never be cloned.

Rotastyle's wax finish is inspired by 18th Century French design. This type of finish leaves the wood grain visible, and is renowned for its shine and soft touch. This effect is obtained with numerous hand-applied coats of beeswax.

Funeral_casket_inlaid_lago _anima_american_oak_rotastyle_handles.jpg

  • Measurement type: Standard size
  • Craftsmanship type: Inlaid
  • Wood type: American oak
  • Colour: Light wood
  • Code: 05RALNR4

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