The inlaid casket, designed on an American body, called FOGLIE NEL VENTO “LEAVES IN THE WIND” in American oak produced and distributed wholesale by Rotastyle Srl is crafted from 40 and 50 mm thick hardwood. This special inlaid casket is intended for the discerning customer who appreciates the use of carefully selected materials, enhanced with traditional hand-crafted inlays, and with finishes and designs that require create dexterity and sophisticated technique. To ensure the one-of-a-kind quality and exclusiveness of the inlaid caskets produced and distributed by Rotastyle, each individual article comes with an authenticity certificate, and a MADE IN ITALY registered trademark. 

Engraving, has long been considered the zenith of craftsmanship and technique. The “Leaves in the Wind” features aristocratic materials including authentic Halliotis and Australian mother of pearl, and top-quality woods such as maple, Bolivar (brown, light green, and dark green), available in various tones with, with a smoky finish, create interesting colouration. An inlaid casket will always be unique in that nature cannot be cloned.
To understand the wonder of INLAY WORK, which still today is done completely by hand, one must understand the STYLE, which looks at the design as a whole, which is based on cultural roots, the search for the right shape and materials: top-quality wood, embellished with the most fascinating of inlays - tiny pieces of fire-smoked wood to create intriguing, natural chromatic effects, which are then secured by hand into a previously carved niche. 

Wax finish to highlight the American oak wood grain, and the work's special quality. 

"Because they will be carried away in the wind towards infinite space, in search of beauty" 
Cinzia Rota 


rotastyle casket manufacturer leaves in the wind American oak detail1rotastyle casket manufacturer leaves in the wind American oak detail2rotastyle casket manufacturer leaves in the wind American oak detail3

  • Measurement type: Standard size
  • Craftsmanship type: Inlaid
  • Wood type: American oak
  • Colour: Light wood
  • Code: 11RAFOF1

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