LUX in tiama mahogany is a dovetail casket produced and distributed by wholesaler Rotastyle Srl. Created in 40 and 50 mm thick hardwood, the variety used is top-quality mahogany tiama. 

The elegance of this casket is lent by its soft lines, and the use of top-quality materials. A brief explanation of the ancient, and increasingly rare processing technique that belies the simplicity of this article is warranted: the dovetail joint. Only expert cabinet-makers are able to connect corners solely by a joint carved directly in the wood, without the use of external joining elements. Thereafter - again, thanks to an intensive manual process - the corners and sculpted, rounding them by milling the edges. The joining of elements in this fashion is like a timeless embrace. 

Glossy finish. 

This dovetail-joint casket is intended for an increasingly selective clientèle who appreciates the use of select materials and special designs. To ensure the exclusiveness and one-of-a-kind quality of dovetail-joint caskets produced and distributed by Rotastyle, each individual article comes with an authenticity certificate, and a MADE IN ITALY registered trademark.

VERSIONS: Mahogany - Walnut - Oak 
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  • Measurement type: Standard size
  • Craftsmanship type: Dovetail
  • Wood type: Mahogany Tiama
  • Colour: Dark wood
  • Code: 05MTLXR4

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